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from a seed of an idea to a lifelong commitment


why soy?

Derived from the soybean, soy wax is a natural, nontoxic alternative to paraffin wax. Burning and/or melting paraffin releases at least 11 known toxins into the air—two of which are carcinogens (which have been known to cause cancer). Paraffin wax is made with petroleum oil which, when burned, gives off black soot that can stain curtains, walls & carpets. Soy wax, on the other hand, is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that does not release harmful byproducts when burned. Last, but certainly not least, soy beans are a renewable resource—making it environmentally friendly and safer for you and your family.
So, if you ask me, soy wax is the ONLY wax for my home.

'and, thus, bundle of soy was born...'

My name is Mariah and I am the proud owner of Bundle of Soy, LLC. I am a mother to the most amazing little girl...who is my inspiration in life and the reason behind my brand.

My journey with candle making began during the pandemic when, for the first time in my life, time was on my side. In the process of passing time, I stumbled upon an article that dove into the many dangers of burning paraffin wax- which is what so many candles on the market are made of. Lighting a candle is what makes a house truly feel like home....and home is supposed to be a safe place.


And, thus, Bundle of Soy was born.

I have spent countless hours researching and experimenting with these candles. And, I have worked tirelessly to create a product that not only focuses on the potency of the fragrance, but on the health and safety of those around it.​

I am immensely proud of my product and how far I have come. None of this would have been possible without the intense surge of love and protection that I have felt since my daughter was born.

Lucy is my inspiration in life and, without her, I would never have known true happiness, love, or desire to be everything I now know I am capable of. I may have given her life, but really she gave me mine.

I look forward to creating combinations of love and happiness for each and every home... and I hope that you enjoy each little bundle of soy that I have created.

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